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Six-hour drive one-way to get car in CT.  Found it on-line.  Failed to sell on eBay and AutoTrader in my opinion, because the car was handicapped equipped.   Therefore, the car was also an automatic.  Converting it to a 5-speed was my plan from the beginning.  Much to my surprise, driving with the auto tranny was still very enjoyable.  The Z underneath shined through.  The automatic shifts are smooth and quick, and let's face it, having a free hand is a not a bad side effect.  The place I miss the 5-speed the most is starts from a standstill.  Roll-on acceleration is great, e.g. punching it from a steady 50 mph seems quicker with the auto.   

Once home, safely in garage.  The only aftermarket part on the car was a very nice new Stillen exhaust, which will probably be replaced when I go with three-inch diameter exhaust from fore to aft. 

My previous '92 TT was in excellent condition, especially after the work I did or had done on her.  This Z was tighter, smoother, and straighter than my old Z.  The engine ran perfect.  

I tend to believe that this was probably the only Z in the country with adaptive equipment.  I brought my tools with me because the adaptive equipment was valuable to the owner.  At one point, I thought I was beaten and would not be able to remove the equipment in time.  I told my GF, "If removing this nut does not do the trick then we're done, we''ll finish the job back home."  I guessed right on the main nut and then it was like untangling an Erector Set.  Did not help that I forgot my glasses and everything was a blur at such close quarters, laying face up on the driver side floor. Basically, the pieces were anchored by a giant strap that went completely around the steering column.

Dents where the steering wheel knob was attached.

Hand control behind steering wheel on left worked both  brake and gas.

The install was strong where it needed to be, but there was evidence of some "hacking" at the vents and trim panel, all fixable.  Notice the returns spring on the brake pedal is "screwed" into the suede trim panel.  I flicked the screw with my finger and it fell out.

> $1000 for parts alone.  Seller said dealer raped him on the install for another grand.  The design was clever.  Levers with just the right fulcrum points.

The seller with my GF.  I have not seen many things in my life that were more cool than a 70+ year old paraplegic who drove a Twin Turbo.  Irv got paralyzed late in life.  He was and is a die-hard motor head and race car afficianado.  We had both met Caroll Shelby at Sebring. I salute you, sir.