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I picked up this exhaust from Certified Muffler during their annual summer sale.  Don't remember exactly what I paid, somwhere around $700 bucks with shipping. 

This is the 20 year old OEM exhaust, I think the diameter was about 2 1/4 inches. 

Quality, fit and finish were first rate.  Tubing was mandrel bent, which is superior to non-mandrel, "empty," or "crimp" bending.  High-flow catalytic converter is not shown. 

Although this exhaust did not have any real tight bends, mandrel bends can go as tight as radii one times the diameter of the tube (1D).  Crimp bending is usually limited to radii two to three times the pipe diameter (2-3D).  Non-mandrel or crimp bending can reduce the cross-sectional area of a pipe by as much as 40%, depending on how tight the bend.  This induces turbulence and decreases flow.  Poiseuille's equation states that flow through a pipe is inversely related to the FOURTH power of the radius.  That means very small changes in the diameter of the pipe can significantly impede flow.  Bottom line, mandrel bending is good. 

LOL, I did not know I was getting a "coffee can" muffler.  That's a Magaflow "straight through" muffler, no baffles, no packing.  High flow catalytic converter shown below. 

Downpipe from turbo.  AIV bung hole capped on the downpipe. shown inside red circle.  Cut end of AIV pipe shown next to arrow.

High-flow cat

Fit was excellent. At first, the muffler was too loud for my taste, but I got used to it.  

The exhaust is loud at idle, and on low gear acceleration.  No raspiness at all, exhaust note has a nice low burble to it.  At highway speeds with the cruise control on the loudness is not an issue. 

Now every kid with a Honda and a muffler is trying to race me, lol.

The power increase was noticeable to the point that my clutch began slipping (aftermarket - Sachs) in fourth and fifth gears as soon as the exhaust was installed.  I adjusted the clutch pedal about five threads further out, but the additional power from my new exhaust led to my also needing a new clutch.