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Toyota charged $179 for the 4-piece floor mats and "door sill protectors."  Clearly a mark-up item to bump up the price of the truck a bit.  At any rate, I am a long time fan of these two products.  

I have found lots of uses for the blue Dri-Clean.  There is a Scotch Gard product for  "fabric" and a separate spray can for  "carpet."  I used the fabric protector because I also use it on the fabric seats, and I am more familiar with this product over the years.  I am not sure what the difference is between the two formulas.  

Remove mats from truck.  Clean with Dri-Clean and damp sponge or soft brush.  Let dry.  Apply Scotch Guard in several light coats.  Stains will not stick after that.  I will also Scotch Gard the interior cloth seats once the temperature gets above freezing (eleven degrees F today).  Shield and cover the non-cloth, plastic interior parts from the overspray. 

I used over half a can in several coats over these mats.

Extra spray on the logo.