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When I was shopping for a truck, they all seemed to have bed liners except for the truck I bought.  My neighbor had a hard shell screw-on plastic liner in his Tacoma.  He steered me away from that.  His biggest complaint was that his liner was too slippery, causing the cargo to slide around too much.  Also, the screw on versions trapped moisture and debris in between the liner and the metal truck bed.  All my research told me to go with a spray on bed liner.  I was also advised to stay away from any of the DIY kits which were applied with a roller or paint brush.  

The two big names that immediately popped up were Rhino Linings and Line-X.  Also, very close to my house was a Reflex dealer, which was the cheapest liner by a couple of hundred dollars.  I went to see and touch all three products.  Rhino was too soft and susceptible to tears, and I did not have as much faith in the fade resistance of their red product.  I read a review that said the Rhino lining was too sticky, and that to slide anything heavier than twenty pounds required climbing inside the truck bed.  Also, the Rhino dealer tried to steer me toward a pre-mixed red color instead of a custom red matched to the color code of my truck. 

An acquaintance of mine had two of his trucks done at the nearby Reflex dealer and he was very happy.  I probably could've been satisfied with Reflex.  Since this mod is considered permanent and irreversible, experience has taught me to go with the product that I felt would  make me the happiest in the long run.  That turned out to be Line-X for a couple of reasons.  The finished product had a better appearance.  Not too smooth and not too bumpy.  The Reflex liner had the texture of lumpy oatmeal when finished.  That looked to me like it would trap a lot more dirt and grime than the Line-X product.   The Line-X just looked better. 

Line-X offered a lifetime warranty, but only to the original owner of the truck.  I would like to see Line-X step up and give a transferable warranty for the first five years.  The Line-X shop was clean, modern, and nice.  The owner took his time explaining the process and was very friendly.  He agreed to install my BAC Procaps as part of the deal for no extra cost.  I also negotiated that a small dent in the bed be popped out for free before the Line-X was applied.  

I was asked to put a $100 deposit down so the Line-X dealer could special order the red pigment, which matched the color code of my truck.  The colored product was called Line-X "Xtra" and they me charged an "extra" 200 bucks for it over the standard black color.  The Xtra was advertised as containing Dupont Kevlar.  Not sure how many molecules of Kevlar were used, but this supposedly made a noticable difference in the strength and fade resistance of the liner.  Kevlar is used in bullet proof vests, among other things.  Time will tell. 

The only part of my truck that had scratches in the paint was the bed, so I was looking forward to returning a new appearance to the entire body.



Pictures don't do the bed justice.  The texture of the rail caps matched the texture of the Line-X perfectly.



The finish was just right, not too rough, and not too smooth.

The truck bed wasn't horrible before the Line-X, lots of scratches, normal wear and tear,

but so much better afterwards, better than new.

I think I may go overboard and have the tie-downs chromed.  Bed looks so good now I don't want to haul anything, lolam.